★★★★★ | 9/2/2019

It's Labor Day and Efo I hope that is right came out to help me move my RV!! He was awesome I cannot tell you how wonderful he was he never gave up. He use every trick in the book in more. He got it done never a bad thought always positive this guy is awesome. He even gave me a referral to fix my electrical problem. He provided cold water and kind words. When I first talk to him he said he had another call but he said I'll call you back and we will figure something out. Best words ever gave me hope when I thought it was hopeless. This is definitely your towing company for whatever you need!! Highly recommended!! Thank you my friend!!

Diane M. Inglewood, United States

★★★★★ | 4/15/2019

Wow I must say this gentleman went out of his way to help us tow our car!!! He even went home to get his truck to pull our car out of a huge steep slope. Hands down I will recommend him without thinking about it twice. If you guys need a tow this is your man. Honest hardworking and will never give up

Joanna M. Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 2/17/2019

Came out on a Sunday morning and got the auto-body to open up just for us. Made an otherwise awful situation a little bit more bearable. Stellar service and stand up guys.

Chrissy P. Glendale, United States

★★★★★ | 2/14/2019

This towing company is by far the best I've ever used. They showed up on time and delivered my car to the destination earlier than expected with no issues at all!!! The driver was very straight forward and very reasonable price as well. You can count on this company. Looking forward to using them again soon! Keep up the good work!

George S. Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 2/10/2019

The best Towing around the Glendale/Burbank area. Last night car broke down and had to get it towed to the body shop. First called AAA and three vehicles came but couldn't get the job done due to the situation with my car. Then called Husky Auto Towing and they were able to tow my car with one vehicle no problem. Reliable and excellent service

Peter P. Glendale, United States

★★★★★ | 12/17/2018

Great service! Efo is one hell of a nice guy. Totaled my car but he helped me out so much. Definitely recommend to anyone!

Andrew Y. Arcadia, United States

★★★★★ | 12/11/2018

Great service. Prompt response. Reasonable rates. Accommodating equipment. I've used their services multiple times and every time it's the same friendly service.

Tiko G. Glendale, United States

★★★★★ | 12/8/2018

Company car had a flat tire on a Saturday morning and needed to be towed to get a tire replacement. Called Husky Towing and within the hour the owner came out, picked up the car, and dropped it off at a tire shop. Will use him again in case I ever need a tow. Great service.

Carlos C. Glendale, United States

★★★★★ | 10/29/2018

Better than the best, cheaper than the rest. Awesome new truck, this is the best service I ever got, quick, responsive, got me to where I needed to be. thanks Husky auto towing, you are in my speed dial now.

Alexander F. Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 9/13/2018

They moved a truck Chasis and a 20' Sea Container for me. The Container was a bit tricky to get out of the back of a business. It took some time and work to get it to where the tow truck could pick it up. Efo was very patient and made sure it was loaded safely and taken to its new destination. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Bcmc C. Ventura County, United States

★★★★★ | 9/5/2018

Husky Auto Towing is the best! Wonderful service, positive friendly staff and great prices!

Karen M. Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 7/28/2018

Excellent service with fast response time? Husky towing is your towing service. Called other guys in GLENDALE and literally after 1 and half hrs nothing. Husky came in 20 mins and $50 cheaper.

S H. Central LA, Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 6/29/2018

Thank you Husky Towing for coming to our rescue this morning. You saved our e90 customer a citation for street cleaning. Will be seeing you again very soon. Thank you again!

Nancy M. Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 6/9/2018

Fast, friendly, relatively cheap, and a couple of complimentary bottles of water to boot. I highly recommend Husky Towing.

Tim B. Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 5/24/2018

Great service he was fast and quick to tow my car with no issues and friendly service. Would call him again for any towing service

Leo C. San Gabriel, United States

★★★★★ | 5/17/2018

Great service- quick to arrive and honest guys. Appreciate it. Highly recommended. 5/5

Adam T. Central LA, Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 5/12/2018

First calledbunch of companies everybody gave me price starting from 120$, while husky guys offered me 70$,the cheapest i could find, also gusy were very helpful, on advise about my broken car. They are very polite as well so A+ for them

Mekhrobjon K. Alhambra, United States

★★★★★ | 5/10/2018

Love Husky Towing
There Fast Reasonable
Reliable And Good Price's
And Love He's Big Clean Truck

Chris M. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 4/28/2018

This is the go to company if you leave your keys inside your car. Called them and gave em an estimate of 10 min and were actually here in a shorter time..very knowledgeable in their field. Opened my car without a scratch. Very nice guy and humble. Tried giving him a little more and didn't accept it. Husky auto towing is the best!

Donald D. Alhambra, United States

★★★★★ | 4/19/2018

Awesome service my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, without a lot of cash on me. Husky towing were very sweet and understandable, even help me out with a cheaper mechanics shop A+ service, recommended! (ps the husky is suuuuuupppppperrrrr cute)

Mao M. Fremont, United States

★★★★★ | 3/27/2018

Husky Towing is the best! They are extremely responsive and the process couldn't be any easier. In mere moments, my car was lifted onto the rig and carried off. In addition, they recommended a trusted mechanic who replaced my battery at an incredible rate.

Edward S. Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 3/17/2018

I recommend everyone to Husky Towing, very fast very friendly and Efo, great guy, helped a lot, best experience. Thank you

Garnik N. Los Angeles, United States

★★★★★ | 1/23/2018

This company especally Efo really very fast and nice person, will choose next time again.

Mes M. Burbank, United States

★★★★★ | 11/1/2017

They are very professional . They do a Quality work in the short time. After my car vas taken to the shop friendly driver even gave me a ride to home so i did not have to wait or worry how I'm going to get home. And guess what he has his own Huskies picture on his truck . I highly recommend Husky Towing.

Lulu L. Burbank, United States